Streptavidin Alexa Fluor 633

streptavidin, Alexa Fluor 633 Conjugate From Life Technologies
Product description and detail for the streptavidin, Alexa Fluor 633 conjugate from Life Technologies at … Read Article

Patent WO2012145673A1 – Antibody Polypeptides That Antagonize …
Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind a novel epitope of human CD40 are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not exhibit CD40 agonist activity. The antibody polypeptides are useful in the treatment of diseases involving CD40 activation, such as autoimmune diseases. The antibody … Read Article

Humanized Endoglin Antibodies – Patent Application
[0294]A general method for site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids into proteins is described in Christopher J. Noren, Spencer J. Anthony-Cahill, Michael C. Griffith, Peter G. Schultz, Science, 244:182-188 (April 1989). This method can … Read Article

Endoglin Antibodies – Patent Application
Binding was detected via streptavidin-HRP and TMB substrate. Absorbance (OD) at 450 nm was measured on a plate reader and this was contribute to the formation of the antigen-binding site of antibodies (see Kabat et al., Sequences of Proteins of Immunological Interest, 5th Ed … Read Article